Town Charter
Article 1 General Provisions/Adoption of Code
Article 5 Budget
Article 8 Cable Television Authorization
Article 12 Clerk and Tax Collector
Article 16 Conservation Commission
Article 21 Historic District Commission
Article 22 Housing Commission
Article 28 Manager
Article 32 Personnel Policy
Article 36 Planning Board
Article 40 Police Commission
Article 43 Purchasing Policy
Article 46 Retirement System
Article 50 Social Security
Article 54 Tax Anticipation Notes
Article 58 Town Meeting
Article 62 Treasurer
Article 83 Amusements
Article 88 Building Construction
Article 89 Repealed 04/09/02
Article 90 Life Safety Code
Article 90A Fire Prevention Code
Article 91 Sprinkler System
Article 93 Dogs and other animals
Article 96 Drainage Systems
Article 99 Energy Sources, Alternative
Article 100 Excavation
Article 102 Hawkers, Peddlers and Solicitors
Article 105 Hazardous Waste
Article 106 Septage
Article 109 Housing Standards
Article 113 Solid Waste
Article 115 Motor Vehicles, Registration of
Article 118 Parks
Article 120 Peace and Good Order
Article 122 Septic Systems
Article 123 Site Plan Regulations Revised 07/28/16
Article 127 Snow and Ice
Article 131 Subdivision Regulations Revised 07/28/16
Article 134 Taxation
Article 137 Taxicabs
Article 137A Animal-Drawn Conveyances
Article 139 Vehicles, All-Terrain
Article 141 Vehicles and Traffic
Article 142 Vehicles, Height and Width limits
Article 143 Alcoholic Beverages
Article 147 2016 Zoning Ordinance
2016 Use Table
Sign Chart
Article 147-A Small Wind Energy Systems Ordinance
Article A150 Public Assistance
Article A151 Special Events
Article A152 Streets
Article A153 Zoning Board of Adjustment Procedures
Kearsarge Lighting Precinct Ordinance Revised 03/28/13 (The Town of Conway does not enforce, interpret, issue permits or hear appeals relative to the Kearsarge Lighting Precincts Zoning Ordinance. The KLP ZO is soley administered by the KLP and any inquiries should be directed to the KLP).